Photo: Peter Baba

Free agent DeMarcus Cousins recently took on the challenge by Bleacher Report of ranking the top 10 power forwards in the NBA, offering his insights into the league’s most dominant players at the position.

Cousins’ rankings feature some of the NBA’s biggest names, with the reigning two-time MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, claiming the top spot. Anthony Davis, known for his versatility and defensive prowess, secured the second position.

Zion Williamson, the explosive forward from the New Orleans Pelicans, earned the third spot on Cousins’ list, showcasing his remarkable abilities on the court.

Pascal Siakam, the Toronto Raptors’ standout forward, claimed the fourth spot, followed by Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors and Julius Randle of the New York Knicks.

Cousins’ rankings also included promising young talents, with Paolo Banchero, a rising Orlando Magic star, securing the seventh spot, followed by Kyle Kuzma, Kristaps Porzingis, and Lauri Markkanen, rounding out the top 10.