Photo: Washington Wizards

Washington Wizards head coach Wes Unseld Jr. has been extremely impressed with new guard Jordan Poole.

(via Washington Wizards):

Reporter: “I don’t know how much of a personal relationship you had with Jordan before, but I wonder what you’ve learned about him as a person, not as necessarily a player, since you’ve had him?”

Unseld: “There is a level of maturity for a 24-year-old I think wise beyond his years. He’s a basketball junkie, relentless worker. I think he’s ready to step kinda into a leadership role. You can just tell when how he connects with guys when they’re playing open gym. He’ll see something, quarterback’s a situation. Might not go as well as he wanted, two minutes later you see him huddled over there kinda explaining what he wants and how sees it, and I think guys really gravitate to it. So it’s great to see a young guy…maybe a change of scenery, but to see that growth in any young player this early I think is tremendous.”

Reporter: “Will [Dawkins] referred to Jordan Poole as a pre-prime player, and it was in the context of his age, but the indication was that there’s more upside to tap into. How do you guys plan to explore that upside?”

Unseld: “Well, I think just the level of freedom he’ll have. It’s a different situation than where he came, and he’s going to have some opportunities maybe he didn’t have in the past. So I think that alone is going to show us, maybe allow him to take another step. The leadership piece of course is going to look different for him than maybe a year ago, and I think that’s growth. But it’ll be exciting to see where it takes us.”