Photo: Spectrum SportsNet/X screenshot

Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka shed light on the team’s rationale behind the signing of free agent Christian Wood during the offseason.

Pelinka confirmed recent statements made by Wood about the continuous communication between the player and Lakers head coach Darvin Ham throughout the summer.

Both Pelinka and Ham were actively engaged in the recruitment process, demonstrating the Lakers’ keen interest in Wood’s talents.

“The process around Chris was actually a lot of fun for Darvin and me,” Pelinka remarked. “I think I spoke to his agent every other day for close to two months.

“And Darvin, I think Chris mentioned it in the media the other day, I think he and Darvin spoke or texted every day or every other day. It was a process of discovery for us to get to know him.”

Pelinka went on to praise Wood’s qualities, describing him as a highly articulate and thoughtful individual. He acknowledged the undeniable appeal of Wood’s skill set, citing his ability to stretch the floor, impressive length, and fluid mobility.

“”Chris is a really articulate, very thoughtful kid,” he said about the 27-year-old center. “He thought deeply about the different opportunities he had. There were several contending teams that wanted to add him just because his skills are undeniable. A seven-footer that can spread the floor, he’s got length, he moves fluidly.”

Observing Wood’s synergy with Lakers stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis during an informal practice session in San Diego, Pelinka expressed enthusiasm for the impact the seven-footer will bring to the team’s dynamics.

“Just being down at LeBron’s little mini camp in San Diego, seeing him on the court with Anthony Davis and just the length that those two guys have together. He’s a phenomenal talent,” he added.

“I think Christian, more than anything, believed in our team, our talent, our group of guys and then Darvin as the head coach. It was just a really positive process and I’m super super excited about the impact he’s going to have on our winning this year,” Pelinka concluded.