Photo: Oklahoma City Thunder/Twitter

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Jalen Williams, who recently completed his rookie season in the NBA, opened up about the unique challenges that come with being a professional athlete, particularly when it comes to relationships with women.

“I try to stay out of the mix as far as girls during the season. I’ve seen some stuff. Just in general, I know girls hang out in the hallways and hotel rooms all the time, trying to figure out who they can invite upstairs. They know your schedule, and you always get random DMs like ‘Fly me out,'” Williams shared during an episode of the Don’t Trip podcast.

He shed light on the potential pitfalls that younger players may encounter, describing scenarios where tired athletes, vulnerable after a late game, could be susceptible to unwelcome advances.

Williams mentioned instances where individuals had their belongings stolen or were photographed while asleep, highlighting the need for caution and awareness in such situations.

“That’s the trap that a lot of especially younger guys kind of fall into,” he continued. “Now you got girls 2am-3am, you’re already tired, like you’re vulnerable, just played a back to back, they’ll wait for you to have a good game then they’ll be at your hotel room and now ‘Oh, take me upstairs. Just got to eat. Blah blah blah.’

“There’s been all kinds of stuff. People get their wallets, stuff stolen or they’ll take a picture of you while you’re asleep. So kind of always got to be careful in that regard.”