Photo: FIBA

Undoubtedly, Aleksa Avramovic emerged as a hero for Serbia in Manila during the FIBA World Cup. As the point guard for Partizan, he played a pivotal role in turning his national team into a silver medalist through his relentless defensive skills.

“We had a great group of guys,” Avramovic said. “I would start with my teammates and then through the coach, the entire coaching staff. We all functioned perfectly as we completed the tasks that were asked of us. Everyone knew their role. Bogdan was the captain, and he carried the biggest burden on his back, Milutinov played a fantastic tournament and I say, not everyone came, but we are still a team.

“It was also seen after the championship. We had a joint dinner, a celebration. We invited everyone and everyone came because this is really a success for all of us. Both of us who were there and the players who could not be with us for various reasons, we again showed unity and now we can’t wait for the Olympic Games“