Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Patrick Beverley recently discussed his thoughts on Russell Westbrook’s bench stint with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2022-23.

(via Gil’s Arena):

Rashad McCants: “Was it bad for the team for Russ to come off the bench?”

Beverley: “I thought it was. I thought it was bad for Russ. He was the heartbeat of the team.”

Kenyon Martin: “That’s a horrible f****** decision.”

Beverley: “And it’s a hard decision.”

Rashad McCants: “It’s a difficult decision, that’s why I asked the question because did that affect the team?”

Beverley: “I don’t think it was a decision that was made this year. I think it was a decision made based on the season before. And I don’t think that’s fair.”

Rashad McCants: “Based on his production?”

Beverley: “Based on the slander he was getting from the Frank Vogel era. They wasn’t winning with it, it didn’t look like it.”

Rashad McCants: “It looked like it was his fault.”

Beverley: “You had to put it on somebody.”