Photo: Mitchell & Ness/Twitter

Former NBA pros God Shammgod and Darius Miles praised New York City born point guard Stephon Marbury on a recent episode of Knuckleheads.

(via Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles):

Shammgod: “Steph [Marbury] is probably the best point guard I’ve ever seen play up close.”

Miles: “To me, I think he’s the best New York point guard ever.”

Shammgod: “No, ever. But I’m saying Steph is probably the best point guard I’ve ever seen. Like it’s dudes that’s nice and did more, but I’m just talking about from every skillset. Like dribbling, passing, shooting.”

Miles: “He can do everything.”

Shammgod: “He never had any holes.”

Miles: “And he had hops.”

Shammgod: “That’s what I mean, he was an athletic point guard, really knew how to play the point. He could shoot. Steph is the first person I’ve seen shooting from half-court in high school.”

Miles: “Straight jumper.”

Shammgod: “Yeah. One step over half.”

Miles: “And not no heave, straight jumper.”

Shammgod: “Jump in the air, and land in the same spot.”