Photo: Washington Wizards/Twitter

As Jordan Poole transitions from the Golden State Warriors to the Washington Wizards, his former teammate Andre Iguodala is confident that the 24-year-old shooting guard has a bright future ahead.

Poole’s trade to Washington as part of the Chris Paul deal earlier this offseason has piqued interest and sparked discussions about his potential impact in the nation’s capital.

Iguodala has high expectations for Poole’s performance in Washington. Despite a challenging year for the Warriors, Poole managed to impress, averaging a career-high 20.4 points per game during the previous season.

“He averaged 20 [points per game] last year in a bad year,” Iguodala commented during an appearance on Gil’s Arena. “He’s going to get to the line [in Washington]… People act like he had a bad year. I’m like, ‘Okay, a bad year?’ He averaged 20.

“And then having no expectation for winning [in Washington]? 25-plus [points per game]. Easy. He’s going to get to the line and then at home you got to give him a whistle at home. He’s going to average 30 at home.”