Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/Twitter

Former NBA star Tim Hardaway has shared his perspective on James Harden’s recent comments about 76ers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey.

Harden’s public accusation of Morey as a “liar” for not fulfilling a contract extension promise has caused a stir in the basketball world.

Harden, the former league MVP, expressed his frustration after his trade demand to the Clippers wasn’t met by the Sixers. Despite the controversy, Harden is expected to attend the training camp, but reports suggest he may not be willing to do so, putting his salary at risk.

Hardaway believes that Harden could have handled the situation differently. Speaking on SiriusXM NBA Radio, he pointed out that Morey is currently in a position of power.

“Daryl Morey is in the driver’s seat right now,” Hardaway said. He emphasized that Harden’s discontent doesn’t change the fact that Morey has control over the situation.

“He don’t have to trade you, and he can see what you going to do, if you don’t want to come in training camp, he can fine you every day that you don’t come, they can fine you every day that you don’t play. So Daryl Morey’s in the driver’s seat right now even though you that upset. You have to understand that.”

Hardaway also suggested an alternative approach, stating that he would have opted for a private conversation with Morey to resolve the issue.

“I would have went to his office and spoke to him in his office… It would have been some back-and-forth going on because both of us would have been heated,” Hardaway explained.

While acknowledging the frustration Harden may be feeling, Hardaway stressed the importance of handling such matters professionally and privately. He believes that a heated but private conversation could have led to a better resolution between Harden and Morey.

“I think they would have something hashed out at that particular time and understood what they got to do and how they need to handle it going forward. I wouldn’t have handled it like that,” he concluded.