Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Former NBA bucket getter Gilbert Arenas revealed the one time he saw his mom who abandoned him on Wednesday’s edition of Gil’s Arena.

(via Gil’s Arena):

*The referees for the game Gilbert got thrown out in were Sean Corbin, Bob Delaney, and Rodney Mott*

Josiah Johnson: “Was there ever a point in a game where you regretted losing your cool?”

Arenas: “Yeah. I remember. It was in Miami. It was the day I met my mother. Well, I didn’t meet her at that point in time. But we were in Miami in warmup lines, and I hear my name being called. I’m like, ‘H*** never called my name before.’ So I’m hearing ladies like, ‘Hey!’ I’m like, ‘Hey!’ Then I can just see, she’s like (whispering), ‘I’m your mother.’ And then all the emotions. I remember I thought I got fouled, and the referee’s looking at me, and I just took my headband off, straight into the face. Bah!”

Miko Grimes: ‘Who’s face?”

Arenas: “It could’ve been Eric [Lewis]. It could’ve been Eric. I got kicked out of the game and sent to the looker room.”

Miko Grimes: “You did that because your mother was there?”

Arenas: “Just the emotions.”

Miko Grimes: “Did you talk to her after?”

Arenas: “Yeah. 5 minutes.”

Miko Grimes: “And that was it?”

Arenas: “That was it.”

Miko Grimes: “Nothing since?”

Arenas: “Oh, no. She’s dead.”

Miko Grimes: “I’m talking about after that, you never talked to her again?”

Arenas: “No.”

Miko Grimes: “Wow.”

Arenas: “Yeah, but that was the one time.”

Miko Grimes: “I just got a little emotional.”

Josiah Johnson: “Well, that’s our show. How’d you feel in that moment, though? On a serious note?”

Arenas: “I was mad I got kicked out because I was cooking. What are you talking about?”

Miko Grimes: “Why’d you get emotional if you only wanted to speak to her for 5 minutes, and then never again?”

Arenas: “Alright. Since you wanna keep asking questions.”

Miko Grimes: “I mean, yeah. We talking.”

Arenas: “As a kid, I always kept getting in fights, you know, yo momma jokes. And my dad was like, ‘Why do you keep fighting over somebody you actually don’t know?’ So I remember I used to sit in the mirror and say, ‘God, if you can get me to the NBA, I’ll never do drugs or any of that stuff, I just wanna meet my mom. I’ll never ask her any questions, just give me the opportunity to meet her.’ And then, we played in Miami, and that was the opportunity. As much as I wanted to ask her a question, I thought about the promise I made as a little child, and just gave her the hug and kept it moving.”