Photo: Miami Heat/Twitter

As the Miami Heat continue their hot pursuit of Damian Lillard, everyone can only imagine the amount of noise that Tyler Herro has been dealing with.

As past reports suggest that the Blazers are still disinterested in the offers they’ve received for Lillard, that only puts Tyler Herro as an absolute trade chip for the Heat to consider as they aim to continue building up a strong framework to finally acquire the superstar guard.

Despite being retired already, Udonis Haslem is still maintaining his unbreakable ties with the Heat. He just also revealed that he’s been keeping in touch with Herro in the wake of the Lillard trade buzz.

“I’m just sitting around watching like everyone else,” Haslem told to Brendan Tobin. “Obviously, I have a relationship with Tyler (Herro), so I’ve been keeping in touch with him, talking with him and checking on his mental.”

“But I’m sitting and watching here just like everyone else to see what just happens next.”

Out of all the trade pieces that Miami can make available outside of both Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, Herro is considerably a no-brainer candidate. The hot shot guard has been craving significant progress every year for the club since being chosen as their prized pick last 2020 Draft.

Last season, Herro erupted for another strong year and averaged 20.1 points, 5.4 boards and 4.2 assists in 67 regular season games. Had he been available throughout the Heat’s Cinderella playoff run, his offensive outburst would’ve even pushed the Heat harder to clinch the NBA championship.

Nonetheless, Haslem sees a beneficial scenario for Herro should the complicated Lillard trade saga materializes into reality on the side of the Heat.

For the beloved franchise icon, Herro would still salivate about the priceless experiences he attained as a Heat while also being able to open himself to much wider opportunities that will cater to his growth, star ceiling, and young career.

“I told Tyler the one thing we focus on is his time spent here. The time he spent here is amazing,” Haslem said. “Whatever happens, he can walk away with his head up: Sixth Man of the Year, two NBA Finals, three Eastern conference finals. His four to five years here is equivalent or better than most people’s careers. 

“He has nothing to be ashamed about, he’s (have to) hold his head high, he’s handled his business. If the trade goes through, he’ll continue to build, grow, and get more money as a player.”