Photo: New York Post/Twitter

Former NBA big man Brendan Haywood revealed to listeners on No Chill with Gilbert Arenas that Tom Thibodeau was supposed to be an assistant coach for the Washington Wizards, but instead took the Boston Celtics’ associate head coach job following just 2 days in DC.

(via No Chill with Gilbert Arenas/Fubo Sports):

Haywood: “We didn’t really have a defensive component on our coaching staff. People don’t realize, Thibs was supposed to coach us, supposed to be our assistant coach. Remember they brought in Thibs?”

Arenas: “Oh, yeah!”

Haywood: “He came in, and I don’t think our coaching staff at the time was receptive to him. They felt like he was the front office guy. So Thibs came in after two days, ‘This energy is bad.’ Left, and went to Boston. But he was supposed to be the guy to help set our defense. If we had somebody requiring that we play defense the right way, the right fundamentals, practicing the right way. Like we just didn’t have that leadership at the time.”