Photo: Peter Baba

With how much debate is going around the league regarding the comparisons for both Victor Wembanyama and Bol Bol, Tim Hardaway Sr. handed his very own assessment on the discussion.

According to the Dallas Mavericks guard, Bol is considerably much better than the French wunderkind given his NBA-ready skill set and much-honed physical traits. 

He also argued that Bol is set for special opportunities as he joined the Phoenix Suns and would be likely utilized by Frank Vogel most especially on the defensive side of the game.

“I think [Bol Bol] is better than Victor Wembanyama,” Hardaway Sr. said on his recent appearance in The Carton Show, via HoopsHype. “Bol Bol has better physical talent and is more ready to play in the NBA right now than Victor is. …. Frank Vogel wanted him, he wanted him to be there and stay there. He wanted him as an anchor to block shots, throw lobs to and get easy buckets with.”

Given their length, explosiveness, and ability to handle the ball well, both Wembanyama and Bol are truly being subjected to discussions of comparison around various league circles. But there is indeed a reason why this year’s top overall pick is solidly being touted by the majority as one of a kind over the other one.

Besides his amazing wonder, Wembanyama was picked by the Spurs as the No. 1 pick also because of his limitless potential at age 19. Even before he hit the NBA Draft, he was already hailed as the best player in the French LNB Pro A League and managed to amass individual awards including the MVP recognition.

While talented in his own ways, Bol is truly special upon his 9.1-point, 5.8-board leaping averages for the Orlando Magic last season for 70 games. But there is indeed a reason why the club released him this offseason and a veteran-laden team like the Suns picked him up for just a one-year deal worth $2.1MM.

For now, chatters may still be on between the two cagers. But fans can finally determine the answer when both Wembanyama and Bol collide this upcoming 2023-24 season.