Photo: Denver Nuggets/Twitter

Rookie Christian Braun recently compared Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone to 2022 national champion Bill Self of Kansas.

(via Denver Nuggets):

Reporter: “Bill Self can be really funny and really tough, Michael Malone can be really funny and really tough, and I know that’s really broad-brushing the two of them, but do you see parallels between their styles? Are they as similar as some of us might think they are, or do you see it kind of a different way?”

Braun: “They’re similar for sure. Just kinda like old school way they teach things, the way they go about things. I like that. I think that’s the coaching style I prefer. They’ll both tell you when you’re wrong, but they’ll also tell you when you’re doing things right. So they’re tough on you. They’re funny. They like to joke around. They keep things light-hearted. But they really want to win. Those are two of the most competitive people that I’ve been around since I started playing basketball. Coach Self, that’s obviously all he’s about and all he’s done, and Coach Malone’s the same way. You guys see Coach Malone get so frustrated just because he wants to win so bad, and that goes for everybody else on the team. Everybody else is at the point of their career where it’s like, ‘Man, we want to win.’ Like I said, I always want to win. But just coming off that championship, and then having a chance to get another one, we’re all in the same place and I think there’s similarities with everybody’s mindset. So Coach Self and him are similar, but I think everybody’s similar and I like our competitiveness with this team.”