Upon first hearing the name Brandon Armstrong and most people would hit up Google or Bing and search the player to find out more but when they do, the faces turn from curious to cheerful.

Armstrong is a former NBA D-League player with the Reno Bighorns and he has also had a stint in Spain but he has found his true niche in impersonating NBA players, their mannerisms and general reactions.

And all his clips, which are up on YouTube have gone viral, with thousands of hits and many viewers left in hysterics, including the players that Armstrong has impersonated.

One day though, Armstrong hopes to be on the NBA stage for real and competing against the very players he has jovially mocked in his back garden. He admits that it isn’t his top priority though.

“If the opportunity is there for me to go to the NBA then I’ll definitely take it, isn’t a priority,” he said. I’m perfectly fine with going back to play overseas but if not that then, yes. I’ve found my niche with the videos. I enjoy doing them, they’re fun and brings out my creative side. People are so amused when they actually see that I can really hoop.”

Yes, Armstrong can ball, appearing in Eurobasket and NBA summer leagues both in Spain and in the States.

Eurobasket Summer League highlights (2013):

LA Summer League (NBA Sanctioned) (2013): 

But the video(s) below is what he is currently known for. And they are spot on.

Russell Westbrook: 

James Harden: 

Tim Duncan: 


Compilation of Armstrong’s antics: 


Quotes courtesy of TheBigLead.com