The Nuggets have made history by securing their spot in the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. Their remarkable journey, which included a sweep of the Lakers in the conference finals, has been a testament to the team’s strong culture and unity.

In a recent interview, Denver head coach Michael Malone expressed his appreciation for the team’s culture and its impact on their success. He emphasized the importance of not only bringing in talented players but also identifying individuals who fit seamlessly into the Nuggets’ ethos.

“I think for eight years now it’s kind of been part of our culture,” Malone stated. “I think we’ve always done a good job of identifying guys that will fit this culture. And what I also love about this franchise is that what guys don’t fit to the culture, they’re not here anymore.”

Malone highlighted the Nuggets’ commitment to creating a cohesive and harmonious environment, both on and off the court. He emphasized the significance of players getting along, coming together, and sharing a common goal. This unity has been a driving force behind the team’s success and ability to overcome challenges throughout the season.

As the Nuggets prepare to face either the Boston Celtics or the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, Malone acknowledged the strength of the team’s roster, which now includes the return of key players Michael Porter Jr. and Jamal Murray.

“What’s different this year is we’ve added some great pieces and we have Michael [Porter Jr.] and Jamal [Murray] back healthy,” he said.