Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

The season ended yesterday for LeBron James as the Lakers were swept by the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals.

His former teammate Dwight Howard, who plays for Taoyuan Leoards in Taiwan, recorded a fake call to James inviting the four-time NBA champion to come and play in Taiwan.

“We got purple and gold jerseys. I got one right here, right now, it’s white. We got purple and gold, though,” Howard said. “Nobody got number 6, you can have that.

“You’ve been playing in the league for 35 years, bro, everywhere. You LeGoat. LeGoat. You can be the LeGM over here, LeCoach, you can be LeTrainer, you can be LeCook, LeDriver.”

Howard previously trolled Chris Paul by also inviting him to Taiwan after the Suns were eliminated by the Nuggets in the second round.