Photo: Sacramento Kings/Twitter

Sacramento Kings head coach Mike Brown believes Keegan Murray’s performance vs. the Golden State Warriors in yesterday’s 126-125 Game 4 road loss was a reminder of why he should make 2022-23 NBA All-Rookie First Team (23 points/7 rebounds/1 assist/9-13 FG/5-7 3-PT).

(via Sacramento Kings):

“Keegan’s a rookie, and he’s starting. He’s gotta understand that he gets no passes, he’s gotta bring it like everybody else. And if he’s not bringing it like everybody else, he’s gonna hear from me. Keegan’s got a chance to be a great player in this league, and I thought he stepped up tonight and showed why he’s First Team All-Rookie. He’s the only rookie I think in the lottery that’s still playing and playing a significant role for his team. Tonight, he almost helped us get over the hump. So I got no complaints with the way he played tonight.”