Tyrese Maxey scored team-high 25 points for the 76ers, including crucial 10 points late in the fourth quarter, to send his team to the win against the Nets in Game 3.

After the game his teammate PJ Tucker praised the 22-year-old point guard for his performance and ability to take the game over.

“Best what he does,” Tucker said about Maxey. “Tyrese, I’m always trying to get him activated. Sometimes he gets lost in a shuffle with James [Harden] and Joel [Embiid].

“But he doesn’t need a lot to get going. He gets a layup, get fouled, get a couple free-throws and then he can just run them off and take over the game. Having that ability he’s still young…

“He missed a few but he just gets it going make one shot. He’s that good. I’m always trying to get him going.”