Photo: Los Angeles Clippers/Twitter

The Lakers being the older and way more successful franchise than the Clippers has more fans in Los Angeles.

Paul George got to experience that first hand when he joined the Clippers in 2019. He revealed how the fans always bring up the Lakers when talking to him but never mention his team.

“It’s funny because you do feel like you’re in Lakerland,” PG said on his podcast. “I remember when I first got traded to the Clippers, we went to Universal [Studios]. We walking around… all they were saying was ‘Oh PG, congrats, congrats coming to LA! You should be a Laker!’

“Since then it’s been like 500 other times. When people see me out in public it’s like ‘Oh what’s up Paul George? Aw, you should be a Laker!’ Why not just ‘Go Clippers’? We representing LA too.

“We got a lot of f*cking work to do… We can write our own history and that was why being with the Clippers was so intriguing. It’s never been done. We can go down as like we can start our history. You know what I mean? And that can start with me being a part of that.”

The two Los Angeles teams that share the same record (41-38) will meet tonight in an important game that will impact which one will clinch a direct playoff spot.