Photo: Dallas Mavericks/Twitter

The Dallas Mavericks veteran guard Kyrie Irving was asked about the locker room sentiment following the 116-108 loss against the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night.

“It’s definitely tough,” Irving said. “Emotionally, anytime you lose, especially when you’re coming out of halftime, you feel like you have control of the game. You have to go through growing pains as a team. We’re learning each other on the fly and just learning how to win ball games and keep a mental edge over our opponents no matter who we’re playing.

“We’re definitely learning in that direction. But in terms of the now, where we are controlling our present destiny as a team, going against the Sixers, I feel like we had a great chance of winning this game and just our poise down the stretch just wasn’t at a high level that we needed to get this win, and they took full advantage of it.

“They got to the free throw line. Um, the refs were calling things left and right and our rhythm was broken after a few shots and that last two minutes didn’t go down. You could see it was wearing on a few of our faces. These are just growing pains that we’re going through right now and the pressure cooker of the season and it’s just tough lessons we must learn and just grow from.”