Photo: Peter Baba

The Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd was asked about how the team utilized star guard Luka Doncic in off-ball screening action on Sunday against the Charlotte Hornets more than they usually do.

“I think, you could put LD [Luka Doncic] anywhere with Kai [Kyrie Irving],” Kidd said. “One of the things we can look at – all of the double teams that he gets, it’s hard to double a pin down – so that’s something we’ve done and took full advantage of that against Charlotte.

“Rick [Carlisle] double-teamed full-court last time, so we expect that tonight … So I think we look at the double team for LD is putting him in pindowns and having him come off [from] different parts of the floor to have success, and to see where the double teams are coming from. So, again, the pindown in the middle of the floor, I think he took full advantage of.”