Photo: Dallas Mavericks/YouTube

The Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd was asked about Jaden Hardy appearing to be more intentional about how he’s attacking switches/mismatches throughout recent games:

“Yeah, I think being able to understand who to drive, how to use your stepback, how to change the pace with the crossover [has helped]. He still has had some areas where he’s made a mistake or two, [Luke] Kennard, you know, letting him off the hook. Just understand that’s gonna happen, but, again, with a 1:45 [left] last night, Luka [Doncic] gives him the ball.

“He comes down the left side, he drives it, and he gets fouled. He goes to a line and makes one of two. I think that also helps when you have one of the best players in the world give you the ball, that he has confidence that you’re gonna do the right thing.”