Photo: Memphis Grizzlies/Twitter

Memphis Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins believes that Dillon Brooks making the 2022-23 NBA All-Defensive Team is a no-brainer.

(via Memphis Grizzlies):

Reporter: “Taylor, should Dillon Brooks be on the All-Defensive Team this year?”

Jenkins: “Absolutely.” 

Reporter: “In your case, why do you think that is?”

Jenkins: “I’ve said it multiple times, you just look at the numbers, you watch the film, the stats about what opponents average against him, field goal percentage, point totals. I think he had one night where a guy had a big night on him, but for the most part it’s holding guys below averages. The matchup probabilities or difficulties, it’s like 99th percentile. You know, the trust that we have in him defensively, but it’s a care factor. This guy absolutely cares about defense, wants to set a tone for us, be a leader in that department for us, but the numbers don’t lie, the film doesn’t lie. So I think it’s a no-brainer that he should be an All-Defensive player.”