Photo: adidas Basketball

On the heels of Damian Lillard’s 71 point game on Sunday, adidas Basketball is celebrating the All-Star’s historic performance by designating a $71 price point on all Dame 8 footwear for a limited time and donating $71,000 to a charity of his choice to further the impact he has in his community. 

To honor Dame’s franchise and career-high performance, “From O to 71” Remember The Why billboards were placed in Portland and Lillard’s hometown of Oakland ahead of his game against the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night. 

“Dame’s Why is rooted in his foundations in Oakland and commitment to the Blazer franchise, with both playing integral roles in his journey’, said Jon Shaw, adidas Basketball Brand Marketing Director. “Focusing on his number, the letter ‘O’ and its representation for Oakland, we have paired this with a picture of him from his middle school playing days, mirrored with  record breaking “71” and  a picture of him in uniform from Sunday night. ” 

All Dame 8 footwear will retail for $71 starting today, March 1 and is available at