Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

After two thirds of the season with the Lakers, Patrick Beverley was traded to the Magic, then agreed to a buyout and signed with the Bulls.

It was a return to his hometown of Chicago. The 34-year-old point guard was asked how he handled the pressure of coming to his hometown following his debut with the team.

“I’m a pro. If ain’t ask me for those tickets, don’t start asking me for them now,” Beverley laughed. “I talked to LeBron, who’s my big brother, and I asked him a lot of questions. ‘How was it playing home?’

“The biggest thing he told me (was) prioritize your job, which is basketball, and have everything else come after that. I just try to do that since I’ve been back.”

Beverley played 22 minutes, scoring 8 points and grabbing 5 rebounds as the Bulls crushed the Nets 131-87.