Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

This year’s NBA All-Star Game received quite a bit of criticism for the lack of effort displayed by the players. The criticism came from Michael Malone who coached Team LeBron, sports analyst Stephen A. Smith, Jamal Murray, among others.

Steph Curry, a nine-time NBA All-Star, admits that the players should playing harder during the All-Star Game. But at the same time he thinks that the way the whole All-Star Weekend is organized needs to be changed.

Specifically, the four-time NBA champion says that the league is putting too much of a burden on the players with all the activities outside of the game itself.

Via Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report:

“I think first off, it’s on us. Players just have to play harder. But secondly, I think the league can ease up on all the obligations players have during All-Star Weekend. People don’t understand the day-to-day responsibilities an All-Star has from [NBA-mandated] appearances, the photo shoots, the media responsibilities, etc.

“Even the player introductions and the draft on Sunday, it was too long. Players get fatigued. It’s a lot going on. But it starts with us giving a damn, and also there are things I think the league can do to lighten the load for players.”