Photo: Charlotte Hornets/Twitter

The name of Mason Plumlee along with Kelly Oubre Jr. have been mentioned in Charlotte Hornets trade rumors.

For the 32-year-old center seeing his named in trade rumors is not big thing. He says he has enjoyed his time in Charlotte and is fine with whatever decision the team make about his future.

Via Roderick Boone of The Charlotte Observer:

“It’s not even tough for me anymore,” Plumlee said. “I’ve loved my time here, this year especially. I’ve loved playing for Cliff, I’ve loved playing with guys like Melo. I’m appreciative for it. … If they want to move on, that’s a business decision. But it’s not really tough by the time you get to this point in your career.”

This season Plumlee is averaging 12.3 points, 9.7 rebounds and 3.7 assists in 28.5 minutes per game.