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Anthony Davis on how trade deadline affects Lakers

Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

The Lakers are among the teams most often mentioned in trade rumors, especially after Kyrie Irving requested to be traded by the Nets.

At the same time Russell Westbrook’s name has been in trade rumors a lot, including in potential swap with Irving. But according to Anthony Davis, all these rumors do not affect the Lakers.

“No, honestly,” Davis replied when asked if the coming trade deadline has any affect on the team. “Like I said before after the Indiana game, I’m not sure if guys individually are thinking about it, but as a group no one is not giving off the energy of guys thinking about that. The only thing we’re thinking about is sense of urgency to climb up in the rankings.

“As far as the trade deadline and all that, I don’t think that’s in no one’s mind. If it is, you got to flush it, think about it at home or wherever you go, but when you’re between the lines and you got a game, you got to focus on winning.”

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