Photo: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty; Brian Bahr/Allsport

Former NFL star Ike Reese weighed in on the never-ending debate on who is the greatest basketball player of all time, or simply the GOAT.

According to him, it is Michael Jordan, who won six NBA championships with the Bulls in the 90s. He thinks that LeBron James should be included in the greatest athlete of all-time conversation though.

“There’s a lot is always gonna be a debate about who’s the greatest basketball player and I think Jordan will have it hands down,” Reese said on The BallFather Podcast, via Arhaan Raje of Sportskeeda.

“When you think about the greatness, the longevity and how long he’s been able to do it and then do it… Yeah, you may want to debate who’s the greatest basketball player, I don’t know if you can debate who’s the greatest athlete of all time. And that’s where I think I’m gonna have to start putting LeBron in this box,” he added.