Photo: Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Despite hearing his name the most out of the trade rumblings of contending teams this season, Bojan Bogdanovic is sticking to his loyalty and service for the Detroit Pistons.

In an interview with HoopsHype’s Mike Scotto, Bogdanovic is fully convinced of being a core member of the young Pistons squad upon his extension with the team earlier this season, as they are eyeing an emergence next season with Cade Cunningham finally back.

“Having conversations with the club, Troy (Weaver), and the owners, they assured me that we’re going to be great next year,” Bogdanovic said. “We have a lot of cap space to sign great players. We’re going to have a high pick again, so that’s going to help us a lot. We have a great young group of guys. When Cade (Cunningham) went down, that kind of hurt us big time. We were thinking that maybe we’d be fighting for the play-in tournament, but when he went down, he was our main guy. All of our offensive strategies were connected to him. When he went down, our season, we’ve had a lot of ups and downs without him.”

Bogdanovic, 34, stands as one of the most sought players in the league by contenders given his ability to score in three levels and the veteran experience he holds. This 2022-23, he is registering a career-best 21.2 points to go with 3.6 boards while shooting over 48 percent from the floor.

With noises buzzing around him, the Croatian cager is shying away from these as he maintains that focus to help the Pistons develop and make gradual development.

“I heard the rumors, but I’m trying to stay away from those conversations,” Bogdanovic added. “I don’t even have any social media like Twitter. I don’t read much about that. It’s not in my control. It’s about the franchises. I’m just going to try and stay focused and play as best I can. Then, we’ll see what’s going to happen at the end of the trade deadline.”