Photo: YouTube

LeBron James and the Lakers were in disbelief as the referees did not call a foul on Jayson Tatum who slapped him on the arm when the Lakers superstar went for a game-winning layup.

Lakers legend Magic Johnson chimed in on the controversial no-call as well. “In last night’s @Lakers loss to the Celtics the referees completely blew the call on LeBron in the closing seconds. What made it worse is there was a referee right up under the basket watching the play unfold!” the five-time NBA champion tweeted.

Johnson joked that even Tatum laughed after the game about the no-call. “Even Jayson Tatum was laughing after the game because he was surprised the refs didn’t call the foul Lol!”

According to Johnson, it was a great game apart from the referees’ mistake. “The blown call put a damper on otherwise a great day of rivalry basketball. It was a big showcase for the NBA and the games were spectacular and amazing!”