EuroLeague Women is the top women’s basketball tournament in Europe; the men’s equivalent is EuroLeague Men. Established in 1958, the EuroLeague Women has been inspiring female basketball players ever since. Right now, the 2022–23 EuroLeague Women tournament is underway. Quite a few players have made their mark on the sport and have stood out for various reasons.

Jonquel Jones

Jonquel is a Bahamian-Bosnian professional basketball player who plays as centre/power forward. She played for the Russian women’s basketball team BC UMMC Ekaterinburg from 2018–2022, though has since switched to the Turkish team Çukurova Basketbol Kulübü. BC UMMC Ekaterinburg is the second-most successful in the EuroLeague Women with six wins to its name. Throughout Jonquel’s EuroLeague Women matches, she’s earned 15.5 points per game. Her player efficiency rating across these same matches is 20.8. She’s been widely praised in the media and has even been called one of the best players in the world.

Jasmine Keys

Jasmine is part of the Italian team Beretta Famila Schio, which was previously known as just Familia Schio. She’s currently taking part in her fourth tournament with the team. Across her league performances, she’s scored an average of 6.2 points per game and has earned a player efficiency rating of 6.2. She was born in 1997 in Italy, made her professional debut at the age of 13, and plays as a small forward.

Alyssa Thomas

Alyssa was the top rebounder in the 2019-20 season with an average of 11.4 per game. She’s been a member of the Czech team ZVVZ USK Praha since 2019 and the current season is her fifth; she plays as a forward.

A record she holds is being the only woman in the WNBA (Women’s Basketball Association) to have four triple-doubles. This is where a player scores 10 or more points in three of the five statistical categories. These are points, assists, steals, rebounds, and blocked shots. Across Alyssa’s five EuroLeague Women tournaments, she’s racked up an average of 16.7 points per game and so far her player efficiency rating is 24.7.

Megan Gustafson

American-born Megan played in the EuroLeague as part of Polish team VBW Arka Gdynia in the 2021-22 season. For the current season, she’s a member of the Greek team Olympiacos SFP and plays as centre/power forward. She’s scored an average of 21.1 points per game and has a player efficiency rating of 23.8.

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The EuroLeague Women tournament will finish in April. Be sure to keep up with women’s basketball and watch the remaining matches. See how these players fare and how far their teams will end up going.