Photograph: Charlotte Observer/MCT via Getty Images

Prior to their matchup last Sunday with the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers provided his insights about the neverending basketball debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

In his pregame availability, Rivers told reporters that James already achieved the greatest career ever in league history, in which he also claims that he is considered Jordan’s godly status as the best player ever.

Jordan and James, two of the most iconic players ever who played in the NBA’s different times, have been subjected nonstop by every hoops fan to their GOAT debates that are perhaps no end in sight.

Upon spearheading the Chicago Bulls to supremacy in the 90s, evidenced by their unblemished 6-0 partnership of winning a title, Jordan already positioned himself amongst the minds of many as the greatest ever. He also won five MVP trophies, claimed multiple All-NBA selections, and bagged other outstanding accomplishments – carrying the game of basketball towards international sports relevance with his inspirational grace and dominant demeanor.

As such, James has his own case to contest Jordan’s sky-high standards. Having a wonderful career often marred by scrutiny from fans, the four-time MVP still managed to overpower his era with his generational talent, ability, and all-around wonder. He has four championships under his belt while still primed to feast more with that invincible longevity he possesses.

This season, at age 38, James is averaging 29.2 markers, 8.4 boards, and 6.9 assists for the Lakers. He is also on pace to overthrow Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the NBA’s all-time scoring throne, needing just less than 400 more points to polish his golden seat.

As such, at the end of the day, the GOAT debate will remain subjective. What matters the most is the appreciation that must be required to come among fans amid diversities on beliefs and preferences.