Photo: Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images

Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone says that he’s taking full responsibility for his team’s inefficient bench play through the first few months.

(via Denver Nuggets):

Reporter: “When Jeff [Green] is healthy, do you think that will help align the 2nd unit more?”

Malone: “We’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully Jeff can get back next game. Jeff has been a key player for us. He was a starter last year for a majority of the season and he’s a glue guy. So hopefully he can kinda help that 2nd unit. I’ve been trying to get a starter back in with that unit, but the bottom line is that unit has struggled most of the year, and I take responsibility for that. Not finding a way to get those guys to play together, to play the right way, and most importantly, just to have success, so that we don’t have to keep going back to our bench early in the 2nd and 4th quarters. Again, I’ll take the hit on that one, because after 23 games, it continues to be a huge issue.”