Photo: Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Using his signature mid-range shot in front of the San Antonio crowd, DeMar DeRozan can’t ask for a much better move and place to finally climb on another scoring feat.

On Friday, DeRozan drained a perimeter jumper in the middle of the first frame of the Chicago Bulls’ road game against the Spurs – pulling himself up to the historic 20,000 points club.

Following the field goal made, his former mentor and Spurs coach Gregg Popovich called for a timeout to briefly honor his achievement. As time went on, the two shared a wholesome moment, as DeRozan and Popovich embraced each other to enjoy the milestone.

Right at the post-game interview, Popovich can only be proud and delighted about the recent individual success made by DeRozan, whom he coached for three years in Texas.

“(DeMar DeRozan is) a beautiful, wonderful human being,” Popovich said. One of the best that I’ve ever coached. I still stay in touch with him. He’s just a sweet man.”

The All-star swingman became the 50th player in NBA history to reach the 20k mark, joining current NBA players LeBron James (37,144), Carmelo Anthony (28,289), Kevin Durant (25,622), James Harden (23,584), Russell Westbrook (23,329), Chris Paul (20,975), LaMarcus Aldridge (20,558), Joe Johnson (20,407) and Stephen Curry (20,185) in the scoring pantheon.