Photo: Associated Press

After gaining an ample exposure under interim coach Joe Mazzulla against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Luke Kornet took the best out of this opportunity to perform and contribute for the Boston Celtics.

And his capitalization of the moments he was given even raised some eyebrows on social media, as the big man took a hilarious defensive move of contesting three-pointers from the shaded area.

Coincidentally, Isaac Okoro, who took those shots, missed on the long distance contest that Kornet had committed on.

Right at the postgame after the Celtics fell against the Cavaliers in a close one, Kornet told reporters that his tactics were successful. 

“I’ve been told it works,” Kornet said. “Came about it pretty organically. I’ve been told it makes a difference. In the amount of times I’ve used it, it seems to make a difference. If the numbers start indicating otherwise, I’ll adjust. But as long as it seems to be effective, especially with certain types of shooters, and things like that.”

Playing 26 minutes to provide Al Horford some breather in the frontcourt, Kornet ended up with four points, five boards and three assists.

“It’s not perfect every time,” Kornet continued. “If you can get there early enough and you can’t see the rim, it’s better. We’re visually-dependent people. If you can do it right, it can have some effect.”