EFE / Lavandeira jr.
GRA575. A CORUÑA, 21/02/2016.- El base esloveno del Real Madrid, Luka Doncic, celebra la victoria del equipo blanco en la final de la Copa del Rey de baloncesto, convirtiendose en el jugador mas joven en conseguir este trofeo, tras derrotar al Herbalife Gran Canaria, por 85-81, en el encuentro que han disputado esta noche en el Coliseum de A Coruña. EFE / Lavandeira jr.

The Dallas Mavericks are planning to go beyond the NBA circle and face a familiar club of Luka Doncic.

As reported by Callie Caplan of the Dallas Morning News, the Mavericks are planning to have a preseason match with Real Madrid next year.

A probable crossover may happen if both teams and the NBA are willing to agree on the logistics.

“I don’t know that we’ll be able to play a preseason game in Slovenia,” Cuban said, “but we’re working really hard to play one against Real Madrid.”

Prior to his landing in the NBA, Doncic has been a superstar standout for the powerhouse Spanish club, as he helped them to clinch three Liga ACB championships and a EuroLeague title in 2018.