The hype surrounding Victor Wembanyama, a projected number one pick of the 2023 NBA Draft, is exceptional. He is still 18-years-old, but is already labelled as a generational talent.

Former NBA champion Richard Jefferson, who won the title while being teammates with LeBron James in Cleveland, thinks that the French prodigy would be drafted before James if they were the same age.

“If LeBron James at that exact moment showed up, Victor would go higher than him,” Jefferson said. “LeBron and all the things that we saw, and I not saying that he’s going to be better than LeBron James.

“I am saying this right now. I remember LeBron James 20 years ago. That was player was 6-foot-7, this person is 7’4″. LeBron James would be number two if he was exact the same age coming in the exact same draft LeBron James would be number two. That’s how crazy this kid is as a prospect.”