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Marcus Smart hoping to remain as a Celtic for the rest of his career

Photo: Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Marcus Smart, the undisputed heart and soul of the Boston Celtics, is hoping that he’ll continue to bleed green until the end of his career.

Smart told Adam Himmelsbach of the Boston Globe that remaining in the Celtics throughout his pro career would mean a lot, as he also wants to be part of its glorious culture and history.

“That’d be special, especially playing for a franchise that’s known for greatness,” Smart said. “So it’s something I’ve been thinking about and it’ll continue to be something I think about. It’s a great thing to think about.”

Smart has been a Celtic for life since 2014. Within those eight years of partnership, he has a fair share of ups and downs with the whole city of Boston.

Last season served as a giant testament for that. After starting rough at the initial part, they rose significantly and became title heavyweights in midseason.

Though they came up short in the last NBA Finals, the determination remains glowing to bring that 18th banner home.

“You see those banners when you walk into the Garden. You feel the history and the past. You feel the blood, sweat, and tears that the people in front of you left, and you want to be part of that.”

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