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A parent’s heart is at peace when a child is seriously involved in sports until about the 10th grade: they will not get involved with the wrong company, especially since professional sport opens up very tempting horizons. However, in the 10th grade, there is another problem: the SAT is getting closer, the son or daughter is at training camp, or “Mom, I’m tired, I want to sleep!”

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to combine sports and studies, and the SAT is required to be passed in high school. Of course, when the child is already in college, and all the exams are in the past, it gets easier for them. Now, sports students can easily google “who can write my college paper for me” and find helpful professionals when all you want is to concentrate on preparing for the upcoming sports competition.

Tutor to the rescue

Let’s face it: you must constantly skip school classes because of sports. You should not be fooled into thinking that you’ll be able to pass the subject at home on your own. First of all, there are a lot of omissions. They cling to each other and form a giant snowball. Secondly, lessons with an experienced teacher are much more effective: you can solve several topics in a short time. Thirdly, it is better to apply not to a private tutor but to a licensed educational center: control over the work of the teacher there is stricter, and the material is given systematically.

Talk to your coach and class teacher

In high school, the amount of training will have to be reduced, one way or another. Ask to make an individual plan. Experienced coaches always face this problem and know how to find the golden mean. At school, arrange for extra classes, if possible. Negotiating with teachers will be a little more complicated, but it’s worth a try.

Make a clear schedule

Think of your day’s schedule so that you make the most of it every minute. Sports teach you a rigid schedule, and that skill will come in handy now. Sleep should take at least 8 hours. After proper rest, the effectiveness of mental and physical activities increases several times.

Prepare cheat sheets

What can not be taken away from “cheat sheets” is that they help to systematize and quickly repeat the material. “Experienced” parents advise making mini-notes (diagrams, tables, infographics) on each topic studied, so they can be read on the way to practice. There is another way: record the topics from the textbook on a tape recorder or download an audio collection of lectures from the Internet. You can listen to them instead of music, even while exercising or walking.

Assess the chances of becoming a sports superstar soberly

The researchers from the best essay writing service agree that competition for sports universities is very high, and here every score comes in handy. Unfortunately, not all students of sports sections become champions. If the chances of becoming a new LeBron James, Michael Jordan, or Cristiano Ronaldo, saying mildly, are not very high, then the choice should be in favor of studying and preparing for the SAT exam.

If coaches unanimously predict a brilliant sports career, then their opinion should be taken into account, but it does not mean you should forget about the SAT.

Dependence of academic performance on sports

The primary focus at any U.S. college or university will be on the core curriculum. When choosing a major with sports in mind, it is essential to realize that the curriculum can be pretty challenging but also more manageable and less time-consuming. Athletic sections at the college level take 40 to 50 hours per week, significantly limiting a student’s choices when enrolling and choosing a future college education. Indeed, even though college-level sports in the United States are amateur, athletes are expected to perform at a high level. Today, however, the trend among colleges and universities is to allow extra hours for individual study, which helps students keep up with the curriculum but does not add time for recreation.

How to combine study and sports?

Athletic careers end quickly, by the age of 30-35. Some athletes leave sports even earlier – due to injuries, successive failures, and other reasons. Many athletes can’t stand being out of the game and start having problems with alcohol, drugs, etc. It is hard enough to go to school when you are old enough. That is why it is so important to get some in-demand near-sports profession from an early age so that this period will be as smooth as possible. Parents and sports psychologists should convince young athletes of this.

Sometimes it gets really harsh, but nowadays, many decent services can help you with that. For example, you can find on reddit essay writing service, and they will take care of your writing assignments, so you don’t have to worry about that part at all.

Another vital point: Think about why your child plays so many sports. Are they really that into basketball or gymnastics? Or is the intense training a tribute to unrealized parental ambition? If it’s the latter, it’s time to admit it. No good can come from such an activity, and many similar examples exist. Many athletes became Olympic gold medalists because their moms had dreamt about it, but they stopped taking first places, “broke down,” and now we hear almost nothing about them. Their sports careers were very bright but too short. Whether a child’s happiness is worth a gold medal is up to you to decide.