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Is Hack-a-Shaq history?

Well, from next season, it will be, according to Ken Burger.

Via CBS Sports:

A rule change that would punish teams for intentionally fouling so severely as to eradicate the scourge from NBA games already is on the unofficial agenda for the competition committee’s July meeting in Las Vegas, a league source told CBSSports.com.

The person, who is familiar with the discussions, estimated the chances of a rule change in some form being recommended to the Board of Governors, passed and implemented next season at about 85 percent.

Rather than outlawing intentional fouling, the more likely scenario is for a consequence to be written into the rules. For example, an intentional foul away from the ball would result in a technical foul shot and possession. Thus, the end of Hack-a-Whoever as we’ve known it.

Quite possibly the most legendary Hack-a-Shaq call ever:


Could Mike D’Antoni be the leading candidate for the Denver Nuggets head coaching position?

Ousted Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks is also on the list as well as the Nuggets are keen to hire a coach that prefers a high-tempo pace to his coaching style.

Via Denver Post:

The Nuggets are looking to replace Brian Shaw, who was fired in the second half of the season. Their list of candidates is believed to include, but is not limited to Melvin Hunt, who took over as interim head coach when Shaw was fired; former NBA head coach Mike D’Antoni; Golden State assistant coach Alvin Gentry; and Scott Brooks, recently fired as Oklahoma City coach. The Nuggets are looking for a coach who will institute a fast-paced style.

Working in the Nuggets’ favor is that there is only one other vacancy, in Orlando, and there is a deep pool of candidates who are interested. The search contrasts with what happened two years after the Nuggets fired George Karl. Multiple teams were in search of head coaches and the overall field of candidates was more limited.

The Nuggets are expected to travel to meet most of their potential coaching targets rather than bring them into town. The coaching decision will be made by general manager Tim Connelly and team president Josh Kroenke.

As for who the fans want, well, this poll taken from the Denver Post is pretty clear..

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Don’t worry, it isn’t the Knicks.

Ruling [ruining] one New York franchise at a time.