As an unknown second rounder who crawled his way to the NBA from the brutal streets of Chicago, Patrick Beverley is taking pride in everything he achieved.

And he will always consider his great postseason exploits as badges of honor.

Beverley told Jovan Buha of The Athletic that he won’t shy away from boasting his clean playoff attendance throughout his whole career, as a show that he is proud of “little stuff” he has.

“I pride myself on never ever missing the playoffs,” Beverley said. “Like, I pride myself on little stuff like that. To people that might not be a big thing but for me that is a big thing, obviously, because I am not at All-Star every February. So me making the playoffs, me not making the playoffs, that is a big thing to me and I wear that wholeheartedly on my sleeve. I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.”

These remarks given by him truly speaks volume, testament from the answer he gave in his first interview as a Los Angeles Laker when asked about what it will be like playing with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Since entering the NBA in 2013, Beverley’s grit and feisty attitude aided the teams he’s been involved in, helping them to reach greater heights of competitiveness.

It was in last season that he remarkably took a gallant responsibility of mentoring the young and inexperienced Minnesota Timberwolves. More than his reliable statline of 9.2 points, 4.6 assists, 4.2 boards in 58 games, his veteran impact and vocal presence built a solid basketball culture in Minneapolis – ultimately helping them to power through the postseason stage.

With the Lakers now, Beverley is ready to protect his unblemished record and help pull the franchise up towards legitimate contention.