LeBron James, Russell Westbrook
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Although the Lakers are reportedly looking for ways to trade Russell Westbrook, head coach Darvin Ham is prepared to utilize the former NBA MVP and help him win his first championship.

According to Ham, so far the communication between him and Russ has been great and the point guard is committed to work hard to achieve his goals.

“Everything has been clear and upfront between him and I. He’s been a pleasure,” Ham told the media. “I’ve been a huge fan throughout his time in the league. He’s assaulted earth.

“And again, he wants to win, he wants to win, I want to help him win that championship ring. But it starts with here, it starts today, it starts with the buy-in, it starts with supporting your teammates, supporting the vision and doing that and working your butt off day in and day out.

“Everyone’s quick to look at the destination, but you really have to appreciate the journey and respect and embrace the journey. So he’s been that since day one. He’s been that since day one.

“Anytime I call him or I need him, text messages, the communication has been great both ways. He’s in here putting in the work. So, I love him and I can’t wait to coach him and I can’t wait to succeed with him.”