Commenting on the locker room incidents, Turkey head coach Ergin Ataman mentioned Furkan Korkmaz is fine noting that a staff member attempting to protect the player was hurt, via Eurohoops:

“Korkmaz got in a fight, but he is OK. But the staff member, he tried to protect him and went down,” Ataman said.

“We did not know about that during the game,” he clarified on being informed of the incident. “In the last ten seconds, the foul committed by Cedi [Osman] was a soft foul, it was not a flagrant foul. I was disqualified and went to the coach’s room, I heard the voices. The Georgian police were brutally forcing our players to the dressing room, pushing us as well as vice-president Huseyin Besok.

Outside the court, there was no police escort and no protection on our way to the hotel. Our players cannot feed well in the hotel, the food is not suitable for players’ nutrition. We lost the game pretty miraculously. It’s been a long time since I did not work at FIBA. I’m very surprised with the referee decisions and other bad decisions organisational-wise.”