Turkey head coach Ergin Ataman is still searching for answers by FIBA and the Georgian police following a reported incident following the loss to Georgia on Sunday.

Turkey have threatened to walk out of EuroBasket if they don’t receive any answers from both parties.

“Actually, I don’t know. We asked for everything, from FIBA and Georgian police about the camera and what happened on to the locker room. From what I know, we don’t have anything so far. We are analyzing everything. We are waiting,” Ataman said.

The EuroLeague-winning coach also went on the attack with regards to 22 seconds that were mysteriously taken off the game clock with Turkey trailing by three points.

“Losing 22 seconds is a scandal,” Ataman said to reporters during practice Monday.

“The last possession was ours so if we had 24 seconds to play, that might have changed the end result. We made our objection and protest. This is a clear mistake of rule.

We objected even at that time in the game but they rejected us and distanced us from the table. This event affected the end result. We demanded the game to be replayed, or at least that last 4:30 minutes. We expect this to be the outcome. But FIBA is an outdated organization, we cannot find any solution to the problems.”