Credit: Dov Halickman

Israeli sensation Deni Avdija spoke with Sports Rabbi about the upcoming Eurobasket, via Basketnews:

“I felt that in the national team we were always taken as underdogs and we will continue to be underdogs, there is nothing we can do.

“We are not the most athletic team and we will not be, we are not the fastest and strongest team on the field and it will always be like that, but we do bring something different that other teams do not have: our fight, our heart and that we give everything on the field,” said Avdija.

“Fewer people believe in us to achieve results gives us the drive to really give our all and reach achievements that no one expects, that’s the fun in this team.

“We know what we are worth and we don’t need others to come and evaluate where we can go. We met with very good players and everyone knows what they have to do. I wish we come back with a medal, for me, it would be a big achievement.”