Photo: Getty Images

It has been reported that the Lakers are about to make a trade for Patrick Beverley. He would team up with Russell Westbrook in Los Angeles.

The two point guards have a history of not getting along too well on the court. In the past both of them made comments about one another to the media.

Could the addition of Beverley signal the end of Westbrook’s tenure with the Lakers? On the other hand, it’s not inconceivable that the two players could work things out after becoming teammates.

Last season Rajon Rondo, who was at odds with Russ, was brought in by the purple and gold, but it did not cause any internal conflicts between the two players.

On the other hand, the new Lakers head coach Darvin Ham reportedly sees Westbrook taking more of a defensive role on the team, something he is not used to doing, being know as a walking triple-double.

Meanwhile, Beverley fits that description well. He is one of the most hard working defenders in the league.