EuroLeague star Mike James, who has previously played in the NBA with the Suns, Pelicans and Nets, a few weeks ago was asked to name his Top 5 players of all-time.

He gave five names, leaving out Steph Curry who has just won his fourth NBA championship with the Warriors. In addition, James said that the superstar point guard can be ‘one-dimensional’ at times.

The quote quickly went viral on the internet to the point that even Curry himself used the term ‘one-dimensional’ as a joke. In a recent interview James clarified what he actually meant by it.

“But I think he’s amazing,” James said on URBONUS podcast, via Gerard Samillano of ClutchPoints. “To be honest, he changed basketball. Like seven years ago, everybody started shooting threes and playing small ball. Not only because of him. Like 75% of him, and then like the other 25% the Warriors. I don’t have a problem with him.”