KD-Steve Nash-Nets
Photo: Getty Images

Kevin Durant has given the Brooklyn Nets an ultimatum, demanding that they either trade him or fire head coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks.

According to a source, however, the player’s disenchantment with the franchise runs deeper than any issues he may or may not have with Nash and Marks.

“The ultimatum he made is not what really caused the deterioration. It’s not the ultimatum itself,” the source said, per the New York Post, also implying that the Nets firing assistant coach and director of player development Adam Harrington without consulting Durant did not go down well with the two-time NBA champion.

“There are simple things that erode a relationship. You fired someone he was close to and didn’t have a conversation about it,” the source added. “I would think there are so many things, it’s not one thing. I think KD wants to leave and it doesn’t matter what reasons he says.”